OTS Partners Network works in cooperation with Okinawa Tourist Service, Inc. to attract passengers and provide good services, aiming at close partnership to improve and develop business.

1 Content of Business

Cooperation in developing new business of the OTS Group, and support of various exciting projects.

Cooperation in promoting invitations, campaign activities, etc., that the OTS Group is working on domestically, overseas and within the MICE concept.

Support business promotions overseas (Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, Islamic countries, etc.) that aim to create exciting business in cooperation with affiliated sales outlets.

Support for attracting activities in cooperation with the country / prefecture / OCVB and travel business organizations.

Cooperation in incentive projects promoting OTS Group employees’ skill development and participation, including the group network members (Okinawa Island, remote islands and Japan mainland)


2 Event, Sponsorship and Business Promotion

Support for business activities aimed at regional revitalization that the OTS group is working on.

Support for business activities and events aimed at regional revitalization organized by the prefecture, OCVB, municipalities, etc.

3 Promotion & Advertising

Ticket holders

Others (Mass media and publications aimed at visitors)

4 Friendship, Training and Support Activities

Hosting members’ Incentive Golf Contest

Member Training Tour implementation

Membership support activities