Established in October by President Ryokou Higashi

Okinawa Tourist Service Inc.was established on Oct. 1, 1958, with offices at the site of the current head office in Matsuo, Naha City. Ryokou Higashi became the company’s first president.
The six young founding members, including Ryokou Higashi, Seikin Miyasato, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Itsuo Oshiro, and Kakun Takara, had very strong passion for the tourism business, and unanimously decided to name the company "Okinawa Tourist."


In February, official IATA authorization

To promote overseas tours full-scale, the company became an officially authorized agency of International Air Transport Association (IATA) in February 1959.



A picture of the staff on New Year 's Day 1960, two years after the company founding.
From left, front row, President Ryokou Higashi, Miyoko Kamiunten, Misako Oshiro, Yasuko Omine, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Itsuo Kinjo. From left, back row, Kakun Takara, Seikin Miyasato, Tetsuo Taira, Hiroshi Yabiku


Opened Koza Sales Office in March

At the same time as joining IATA, Koza sales office opened in Koza City, home to large U.S. bases, in March 1960.


Koza Office ready to receive American customers.


Became a member of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

In July 1961, we joined PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) following IATA, to facilitate the smooth operation of our tours and enhance our reputation within the industry.


January, "Okinawa Tourist Friendship Association" (the current OTS Friendship Association) Secretariat established.

August, Nago sales office opened (northern travel agency merger).

Following the opening of the first Koza Office, the Nago Sales Office opened after a merger with the Hokubu Travel Agency.


July, Opening of the Ishigaki sales office.


Joined the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)


January, Naha Sales Office opened (approved by IATA in March 1969 / promoted to branch in 1977)

July, Tokyo Office opened (promoted to branch in 1974) (renamed Shimbashi Branch in 1993)


September, signed Southwest Airlines Sales and Operating Agreement


October, Miyako sales office opened (promoted to branch in 1989)


February, Kagoshima Sales Office opened (promoted to branch in 1986)

March, Contract with the agencies of Ryūkyū Kasai and Kyōwa Kasai.



Foreign rental car and staff. The OTS Rental Car started with less than 10 second hand vehicles, such as Chevrolet and Corvette, and most of customers were U.S. military personnel.


February, Osaka Sales Office opened (promoted to branch in 1979)

June, Rent-a-car business started

October, Approval as ANA ticketing agency


March, The Minister of Transport Registered Okinawa Tourist Service as a General Travel Agency "Approval No. 155"

April, JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents) affiliation.

November, Tokyo Sales Office with Japan Airlines (JAL) Ticketing Agency agreement.


October, Toa Domestic Airlines (TDA) Ticket Agency approval.

December, Fukuoka sales office opened


October, Nagoya sales office opened.


July, Opening of Hotel New Okinawa (transferred on February, 2012).


August, Urasoe sales office opened.


July, Kumamoto sales office opened.

August, Uniform (aloha shirt style) was established.


November, Business alliance with American Express.



August, Sendai Sales Office opened.


April, Ministry of Finance approved currency exchange business starts.


January, Gushikawa Sales Office opened.


November, All our offices were able to access online from computer.


June, Opening of Hotel Kokusai Plaza (transferred on April, 2007).

September, The 42nd National Sports Festival held in September [Transportation services consigned to OTS]


June, Hiroshima sales office established.

September, OTS Tourism Development Corporation was established (currently the OTS Service Management Institute).


June, Okayama sales office opening.



August, Mr. Ryoko Higashi (the President & Representative Director) was awarded as "Person of Merit in Tourism Business" from the Minister of Transport.


February, Tokyo Main Office opening.


October, Shinjuku branch opening.


February, Seikin Miyasato became OTS President


June, "Papua New Guinea Special Project" by OTS selected “Tour of the Year '94” Grand Prix winner


June, new Head Office building completed

December, OTS Rent-a-car airport office opened (currently Akamine office).


September, Taisho Sales Office (Osaka) opened.

October, Mr. Ryoko Higashi (the President & Representative Director) passed away.

November, Mr. Ryoko Higashi was decorated with the Jurokui Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure.



February, the enterprise Capital increased to 55 million yen.


February, ECO marine club business received "2002 (4th) Business-Only One Award".


March, Mr. Seikin Miyasato becomes Representative Director and Chairman and Mr. Yoshikazu Higashi becomes President and Representative Director.


June, OTS Call Center opened

July, Hamby Travel Center opened

November, Mr. Seikin Miyasato received "the Okinawa Prefecture Distinguished Service Award".


February, 4 in-store travel centers opened in San-A department stores

April, Ginowan Branch opened

July, Taipei Office opened

August, Blue Ace Grand Service Co., Ltd. established.

October, San-A Shiozaki City travel center opened

November, Naha West building completed, Naha West Branch opened


April、Acquisition of management rights of ATLAS TRAVEL SERVICE (Taipei).

May, OTS Chairman Seikin Miyasato received Asahi Shimbun Decorative Award

October, OTS Rental Car Toyosaki Sales Office opened at Toyosaki


March, Hokkaido Tours INC established.

March, Machida Branch in Tokyo opened

April, Establishment of the Insurance department.

April, Ameku Branch opened (relocated Naha Tomari Branch)

June, Koza Branch opened (reorganized Plaza Branch)

August, 100th Anniversary of Okinawan emigration to Brazil and Argentina (JAL charter travel)

September, Seikin Miyasato receives Ryukyu Shimpo Award

September, OTS Rent-a-car Taipei Reservation Center opened.

October, OTS 50th anniversary celebration performance of Okinawan opera “Kimutaka-no Amawari”

November, San-A Kyozuka City travel center opening (reorganized Shuri Branch)

December, OTS 50th anniversary celebration ceremony


April, OTS Rent-a-car Introduced 4 languages car navigation system (First in Japan)

June, OTS Car Rental opened Chitose Airport Sales Office / Sapporo Sales Office



May, OTS Rent-a-car Hakodate branch opened.

October, OTSBP Holdings Co., Ltd.

November, OTS Toyosaki building completed (Part of head office functions relocated)

December, Company childcare facility "Fujinoki Nursery School" opened


December, Received "Cruise of the year 2011"


June, OTS Rental Car opened Yui-rail Tsubogawa Station Branch

September, Tour Grand Prix 2012, domestic – Destination Japan Grand Prix winner "Muslim Okinawa Tour" by OTS.


March, Received Ministry of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry award "New Diversity Management Selection 100"

April, Business alliance with ZERO PLANNING CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)

July, World Sports Event "Corporate Games," license 2015 - 17

October, Tourist Information station "OTS Members Lounge" opened (Matsuo Building 2F)

October, Published 「Tourism as a job (The edition of Okinawa Tourist 55th anniversary)」 written by Seiji Yoshizaki


January, Okinawa Prefecture Impressive Industry Strategy Building Project Symposium held (OTS Service Management Research and Consulting, Inc.)

February, ANA IIT agency connection started (Connection started in April in Okinawa Prefecture)

March, San-A Main Place travel center renewal opening

June, San-A Wing City travel center renewal opening

July, OTS Car Rental introduced camper car rental

August, OTS Chairman & CEO Yoshikazu Higashi received Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Award

August, Okinawa Tourist Service Island Travel information opened (Tomarin 1st floor, Naha)

December, OTS GLOBAL PTE LTD, OTS Singapore office and OTS Car Rental Singapore Call Center opened


February, Tax free shop registration (Head Office 1st floor, OTS Rent-a-Car Toyosaki Sales Office, OTS Members Lounge, Eco Co., Ltd.)

March, 1st Okinawa Corporate Games held with 1,500 participants from Japan and overseas.

March, OTS Nikko Travel Agency opened in Seoul after obtaining business license

April, Sapporo branch relocated · Opened joint business with Hokkaido Tours Co.

April, OTS Transport Co., Ltd. Established

June, Tourism information centre "Ritou Marche" opened in Kokusai dori yatai mura

July, Yokohama Branch opened (Relocated Shin-Yokohama Branch).

August, 21 professional interpreter guide examination students with a professor from Fujian Province, China, arrived at Okinawa on invitation, support and co-hosting by OTS partners network.

October, Inbound travel website "OneTwoSmile OTS HOTEL" opened

December, OTS acquired naming rights to Choshi Electric Railway Inubozaki Station (nickname: "One Two Smile OTS Inubozaki Onsen Station")


January, OTS Global Ltd. (Queenstown, New Zealand) founded

February, Ginowan, Chubu Branch opened (San-A Ginowan Convention City Travel Center, merged Ginowan and Chubu Branches)

March, 2nd Okinawa Corporate Games held with 2,000 participants from Japan and overseas.

June, The 72nd UNESCO National Convention In Okinawa

July, The 50th anniversary of the opening of the Tokyo Branch in July, Thank you evening party on Yakata boat.

August, The 50th anniversary event of the opening of the Tokyo Branch "One Two Smile Night" held on Jingu Stadium – professional baseball game Yakult Swallows vs. Hanshin Tigers.

September, OTS Transport Co., Ltd. charter bus company received the One Star certification for its safety evaluation system.


January, Introduced OTS special travel vacation (for employees)

March, Made Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with University of The Ryukyus, Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Industrial management

April, Started salling tours collabolated with CLUB TOURISM

April, The 3rd Okinawa corporate games (SPOFEST in OKINAWA) was held in Okinawa.

May, WUBpedia Inc. established

June, Ishigaki sightseeing center established (renamed and renew services from Ishigaki branch)

July, OTS MICE MANAGEMENT Ltd. established (nenamed Corporate games JAPAN Co., Ltd.)

July, Travel platform「One Two Smile Activities」opened.

August, OTS Rent-a-car anniversary game for New Zealand branch was held in Tokyo (Yaklt swallows vs Yomiuri giants, Jingu stadium)

October, Android free app「WUBpedia」started

November, OTS Rent-a-car Queenstown Branch opend