Tourism industry can contribute to peace
by human exchange through tourism, and
we can build peace in the world.
Okinawa Tourist Service Inc.
Chairman & CEOYoshikazu Higashi

I would like to develop business activities that promote human exchange and mutual understanding through sightseeing among people across regions and countries, and to create a bond we call “Yuimaaru*”. Since the founding of Okinawa Tourist in 1958, we have been doing business domestically and abroad according to our motto “Keeping our roots locally, reaching out to the world”. In 1966, we expanded our activities from our Okinawa foundation to Tokyo, and since that time we have developed our business to cover areas from Hokkaido to Kyushu. In 2007, we established our first overseas office in Taipei, and currently have overseas affiliates in Taiwan, Korea and Singapore, which, for their part, are also promoting inbound travel to Japan. In November 2017, we set up our first overseas affiliate of our rental car division (OTS Rent-a- Car) in Queenstown, New Zealand South Island, to provide safe and comfortable self-drive trips to people traveling in the area. We are striving to be a hospitality company that can contribute to the improvement in the lives and quality of life of our customers, communities, and employees in the tourism industry including our business partners and employees.

*”Yuimaaru” – Okinawan dialect meaning “personal ties” and “helping each other”.